Anastasia Gerali – Hypnotherapist “You’re the miracle”

Anastasia Gerali is a hypnotherapist and embodiment mentor. She helps people stop self-sabotaging themselves and step into their full potential to have, be and do whatever they want by upgrading their subconscious beliefs and behaviours.






I used to work as a graphic designer in my ‘previous’ life. I graduated in 2008 when it was the beginning of the recession in London and Europe. It was the worst time (they said) to be a graduate. There was no full-time employment available to junior designers, and even senior designers were being made redundant. Of course, all the art industries were struggling. I graduated and continued to work at design agencies for a year and a half after my graduation pro bono – in the hope that if I worked hard enough and showed enough talent, some art directors may hire me.

But the story kept going on and on – ‘You’re great, but we’re not hiring now’. But every time I would start a new internship, I was hopeful, hopeful that THIS time would be different. THIS time I would get the job. I got the job, later received an email telling me the situation had turned into an internship, and there was another candidate that was also coming in as an intern. It turned into a knockout fight for the single position.


The real reason a creative always struggles, particularly financially, is because a creative mind is suggestible. Given the right set of suggestions, and innovative spirit can flourish, thrive in all areas of their life because of their talent and ability to create. Given the wrong recommendations, however. The creative will be doomed to a life of hardship.


These are the very same people who feel lost, depressed, searching for the meaning of life after some significant adversity when life knocked them off their feet. I had a moment like this. It was when my fashion business, the one I’d been running for four years, crashed and burned as quickly as my body crashed when I suffered adrenal fatigue leaving me broke and broken. Health and wealth were not the only two areas of my life affected, as my marriage also fell apart, and I was now a reject on every possible level: publicly and privately. It was at the lowest point in my life that I promised myself I would find a different way of being. This formula I had felt like hard work. Life felt like hard work. Love felt like hard work. Achieving financial freedom felt like hard work, and I just wanted life to be easy. And fun! I wanted to live a life of abundance where I got to make money doing what I loved, being creative, being free, and being me.


One of the biggest lessons I had to learn in creating a life of abundance and creative free flow was I had to address my outdated money beliefs. I knew that you COULD make money from being creative, from having fun. I saw evidence of it all around me. Of course, the evidence supporting the opposite was much bigger, but only because I’d spent years gathering evidence for the file helping that case: that creativity and Money don’t vibe together.



Money is a neutral energy. Money doesn’t care if you are good or bad if you are talented or not. Money doesn’t care if you sell weapons or write beautiful music. Money flows to anyone, and everyone open to that channel of receiving. To start and to receive Money in exchange for your creative gifts, three things have to happen:

Update your Money stories
Admit you’ve been a bad friend
Thank Money


1 – Update your money stories


First, write down all the negative beliefs you have about Money. The more you have, the better. For example, There’s never enough money / you can’t make Money doing what you love / Money is evil / etc.

Now rewrite these beliefs in a way that SUPPORTS your ability to welcome Money into your life, and make it personal.


There is an abundance of Money available to me / I can make Money doing the thing I love / The more fun I have, the more Money I make / Making Money is fun, and natural / My creativity has a high value. I easily attract clients who are happy to pay me for my art…etc.


It is your new mantra. Record your voice reading these out and play it to yourself every morning and evening so that it can embed itself into your subconscious mind. Twice a day for a 30-day minimum. It takes 21 days to create a new habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. You choose if you want this to be a temporary elevation or a permanent one.


2 – Admit you’ve been a lousy friend to Money


You know that family friend who you ‘have to’ have a relationship with but you don’t like to spend time with her. You avoid her as much as possible eventually you obliged to sit next to her at some family event. Well, that’s Money. Every time you avoided opening up a bill, or every time you got that sinking feeling in your gut when you had to make a payment, you’ve been thinking wrongly about Money. Yet ironically, you have also been trying to attract more of her into your life.


Why would she spend time with you now when you need her you’ve been thinking and talking badly about her all these years? Money hears everything.



Write a letter to Money apologizing for being a bad friend to her. Apologize for all the times you said or thought mean things. Tell her how you plan and consider to treat her, why you want her to be a part of your life. Be sincere. It is a two-way relationship, and it’s you who needs to make an effort to reconcile and improve your attitude towards her.


3 – Thank Money


To open yourself up to receive, you need to become conscious about your giving energy. When you make a payment, are your unconsciously swiping your card? Or do you get a sinking feeling every time you have to make a payment, pay a bill, and pay the rent? The energy that you give with is the energy that keeps yours from receiving with joy and love. It’s two sides of the same channel. I like to picture it like a highway with two huge lanes of traffic.



A shift from mindless and dreading energy to the energy of gratitude. Every time you are making a payment, no matter how big or small, say a little ‘Thank you Money’. It’s with her help that you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee, a roof over your head, electricity and everything in between. Don’t be bitter about having to spend Money to make Money.


I even tell my clients to upgrade their language – instead of saying spend/cost, I ask them to think of it as an investment. If the return on investment is not a good one – it doesn’t add something to their experience or life, then it’s a bad investment. So please don’t make it. If, however, the investment gives them something that does add value to their life, then say ‘Thank you Money!”

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