COUP DE COEUR ARTY #TRENDY ~ Spring New Beginnings

With the days growing longer and the trees beginning to blossom, Spring has finally arrived.
And as we all know, Spring is the season for new beginnings and, of course, a season for Arty Trendy to share with new our hot crushes.

We have selected two brands that will vibrate your Spring, nourish your body and make you feel brand NEW!!!

#1 VOILA BEAUTY By Camille Callen alias @noholita.


We fell in love with these products. They are natural, vegan products,  MADE IN FRANCE products made for all skin types, and care for you. They hydrate well as they look, the packaging and design are minimalist and elegant with a natural mat finish.
These are the five daily essentials.


#Daily Hydration cream
Designed for all skin types for soft and luminous skin, it boosts radiance, with its light texture melts perfectly on the face leaving it with a healthy glow effect. And for the scent of orange blossom that will brighten up your beauty routine all year round.


#Eye Contour Cream
It is a treatment that will hydrate the fragile area of your eye contour, reduce dark circles, puffiness, and smooth fine lines. We love its fresh and melting texture with no greasy finish.


#Nourishing Night Cream
A wonder-worker is leaving your face hydrated, nourished, and plump with its shea butter and coconut oil comb; you can be sure that your skin will be soft and looking luminous.


#Body Balm
This balm will hydrate and nourish your body daily. It has a creamy texture, making your body feel infinite comfort, and just a touch of a light orange blossom
a scent that will brighten up your beauty routine.


#Hand Cream
A moisturizer that will take care of your hands penetrates quickly, leaving room for repaired, nourished, and sublime skin.
Its hydration shea butter and orange blossom hydrosol are at the heart of a clean and natural formula that visibly repairs and softens hands.


So 5 must-have essentials for this #SPRING!!!!
You can now order them online.<< Order online here <<



This brand will bring color to the SPRING and make you feel vibrant, colorful, and trendy this season.
A brand dedicated to only professionals in the nail industry adds originality and creativity to offer their clients.


Musa is now one of the most innovative and representative brands in the Nail Technical World, with its clean and elegant packaging designs.

Musa’s professional products are made based on a careful study of colors, chrome plating, and materials best realized in the most particular and detailed works in the Nail Technician World.


All professionals in the Nail Industry will be happy to know that you could have your trendy colors and materials instantly as Musa has their first boutique in France on the #frenchriviera at the CAP 3000 Shopping Center at CAPSULE CAP 3000  ( Level 1 ).


And those non-professionals who love to get their nails done will be glad to hear that there will be a Nail Bar animated by Laurie Gourmellet working exclusively with the system SO EASY by USPEHOVA.


So want to make that change for the season, make sure to book your nail appointment at the Musa nail bar.


CAP 3000 . 217 Av.Eugène Donadei – Saint-Laurent-du-Var.