Spring is the season that brings happiness and joy all around and makes our minds very creative , gives energy to the body to start your day full of confidence Spring is the best season no matter where you are , but on the #FRENCHRIVIERA its kinda magical,

We have been crushing on 2 brands & a resturant that will make you happy and definetly make your mind creative by making your taste buds come alive.


Apsara Jewels ~ The must-have Summer accessories ~

Apsara Jewels are hand-made; each piece is made with intention and love.

Bohemian and Ethnic worlds inspire Apsara Jewel’s creations; all jewels are created intuitively according to the moment’s energy.

Apsara Jewels can be stacked or worn, adapting to all occasions with a boho-chic touch. These jewels are for those women we adorn, those who love Astral vibrations, and those who are sensitive to the positive energy that stones transmit.

Apsara Jewels consist of Body chains, hand jewelry, necklaces, earrings, etc… All creations are precious talismans that transmit their energies to women who wear them, giving them calmness, clarity, love, and self confidences. They are sparkling companions for everyday life.

These statements jewels are all about self-love and making one feel like a #goddess.


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Photo credits: Coline Gascon~ @colinegascon

Nomad Yoga.

(n) Nomad: Someone who lives by traveling from one place to another. Nomadic thus means anything that involves moving around.

Nomad Yoga was founded by Carole Simone @caroleyoga & Samatha Kanjee @justsamatha. They offer you a day Nomad Experience, where you get to wander and discover yourself, where you get to be yourself, a place where you get to share who you want to be and dream at the moment.


It is a day filled with experiences. It’s a day dedicated to your welfare, organized in the most exclusive and exceptional environment, and often changes.

You can practice yoga, relax and meditate amidst enchanting decor and scenery. One also enjoys a sumptuous lunch, where the table setting becomes the masterpiece created just for you.

For the cherry on the top, you get to participate in a creative workshop designed thematically for the day, where one gets to express the sensitivity of your soul and create your magic.

A must-do for this season to explore your creativity and imagination.


Join @caroleyoga & @justsamatha on the 5 Juin 2022 for a day of surprises and adventure.

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Yafo Restaurant

God bless Houmous !!!

The hot spot for this season, Yafo, is the warm and gourmet Levantine canteen founded by two long-term friends Thierry Sananes and Philippe Charbit who also own ( Côté Jardin at the  Parc Phœnix).

Yafo offers homeland spicy oriental cuisine food that is reassuring and healthy for all. Their best-sellers are Homemade chakchouka & merguez accompanied by roasted sweet potato, a dash of olive oil, and tahini.

Our all-time favorite is roasted cauliflower that melts in the mouth and, of course, a supplement of crispy chicken pita if you have a big appetite.

One gets transported right into the streets of Tel-Aviv, with  creative perfumes of their dishes that explode with so much goodness,

As for the earthy-toned decoration with its antique garden chaise and marble tiles and to finish it off with a monochrome green interior, with plants draping from the ceiling, it’s like being lost in an oriental oasis.

A must-visit for the new season.


Yafo Retsturant

17 RUE PASTORELLI, 06000 NICE, France