The magical season has arrived, we love this period of the year as it is filled with so much joy, love, and laughter, it is also a time for family, friends, and loved ones, let’s not forget it is a time for giving so we have 3 brands we like to share with you we  crushing on for this festive season.



It was in 2015 that the oral care brand LEBON Oral Care was born.

LEBON consists of @LEBON Essentiels  & LEBON Flavorcare.

Its co-founders, Stéphanie and Richard Palacci, were keen to offer a healthy and tasty alternative for a new oral routine   their LEBON Flavorcare  toothpaste collection made in France with natural pop arty flavours, adds a young, arty vibe , which tickels the tastebuds .

LEBON brand offers products with an irreproachable composition that allows you to no longer have to choose between health and pleasure.

At the same time, a new demand  appeared for a more accessible toothpaste that would combine naturalness and effectiveness in an eco-responsible proposal: LEBON toothpaste in its…essential version.

The second collection, LEBON ESSENTIELS, is launched in June 2021. LEBON essentials is a toothpaste collection that gets the job done, is very efficient, and brightens and whitens teeth.

No better way to brighten up the festive season, with new christmas packaging that tells a magical christmas tale.

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We call them the magic potions to kickstart any day with a bang, Cosmos was launched by Leo from a long trip to the United States where he was able to discover the concept of Energy Shots.

Lover of nature and very committed to the values of ecology, Léo decides to appropriate this concept and to integrate two major commitments: Health and ecology.

Shortly after his longtime best friend Guillaume decided to join this project.

Cosmos selects raw materials for their naturally stimulating functions and their nutritional richness, and concentrates a maximum of them in a small shot format, practical and ecological, to drink pure or diluted. These shots present the health claims « Immune », « Performance », and « Antioxidant », and provide a 4-hour boost of energy only thanks to healthy and natural raw materials.

A very strong ecological sensitivity is felt in this brand through: a tree planting program in Tanzania (+3000 trees planted to date, membership of 1% for the planet, labels made from sugar cane waste, but also 70% recycled glass at the time of bottling).

As this winter period has arrived,  a special shout out to the Cosmos “Immunity” shot. Naturopaths usually recommend a mixture of lemon and ginger at the start of each winter period to protect against seasonal diseases. It is by concentrating a large quantity of ginger and lemon, a small infusion of thyme from our regions to promote good respiratory functions, and natural caffeine that Cosmos offers you its Immunity shot as temperatures approach drops.

Today, Cosmos’s little magic potions are present in all major organic stores, gyms, parapharmacies, and even bakeries.

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Now, these are what we call modern and trendy slippers, perfect for the winter and even better to give as a Christmas present.

But where do the famous Chausse Mouton come from? A small idea?

They are from Périgord! More precisely, in the green Périgord. The factory has been present for several decades and has been offering comfortable and very soft slippers since 1930. This is where the whole Chausse Mouton family was born and continues to exist!

“How are they made? Shhhhhhh do not tell anyone ;)…

Chausse Mouton revealed  us their method : it is the – almost ancestral – method of sewn and turning.

Here it is: The reverse sewn method allows for optimal comfort and resistance of the slippers thanks to a seam called simple jointing on a shoe-mounted upside down, which is then turned over manually. It sounds complicated but it’s the best way to make your feet feel like a warm cocoon. And of course the love for sheepskin.

Chausse Mouton slipper are warm, original, comfortable and made in France! and its felt sole (classic or non-slip), these slippers have everything to seduce you. With their array of arty & trendy designs to choose from, they are a closet statement for this festive season.

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They are perfect to ring in the chilly days and nights, so keep those toes warm