As we know the cold weather is slowly creeping into our daily routine , leaves falling from the trees and plants changing into multi-coloured works of vibrant colours of red and golden yellow , Autum is a season that sooths ,  one create the perfect setting for a sense of comfort , warmth and reflection.

We have choosen 2 brands for you to make this season extra special with family and friends. It’s the perfect time to change up your decorations by adding warmth and comfort.



Nothing is better than creating a warm, cozy atmosphere and Soleil de Nuit candles are the perfect brand, Soleil de Nuit,  is a young Monegasque company, created in 2021, Their range consists of four modern and refined 180g glass jars with a progressive monochrome effect and scents that are both light and intense. Two of these four scents, representative of the four seasons, are available in a 500g format with 3 wicks to scent large spaces.
The candles are made with fragrances from Grasse, the world capital of perfume, a 100% natural wax.

The Soleil de Nuit candle brings a special scent to any room in which it is placed to create a unique
atmosphere full of charm. When perfume and music meet,  bring back your deepest memories. Soleil de Nuit’s scented candles combine the two by offering customized compositions of Grasse scents and personalized musical playlists. Each scent is accompanied by a «lounge» type playlist (via QR code) inviting you into its universe. The music appeals to your imagination to take you on a journey.



Their bath oil candles accompany you in your moments of relaxation by delicately perfuming your bath water and leaving a light perfumed note on your skin that softens it and protects it from tightness and dryness. 4 subtle fragrances are available for you to enjoy your warm scented bath.

How to use it?
Light your Soleil de Nuit bath oil candle on the edge of your bathtub while your bath is running, and
the wax melts. Once melted, extinguish the candle and pour a few drops of scented oil into your hot
bath. All you have to do is enjoy it.



Soleil de Nuit massage oil candle brings you well-being and relaxation thanks to its nourishing and protective massage oil function. Warm, it is ideal for muscle relaxation after a long day of work or sports. 6 subtle fragrances are offered so that you can fully enjoy your warm scented massage.

How to use it?

Light your Soleil de Nuit massage oil candle and let it burn for about 15 minutes. Extinguish the  flame, and pour the liquid oil into the palm of your hand or directly onto the body after checking the
temperature (the oil will be warm and not hot).


Discover the “Unexpected Summer” candle

“A summer morning, your feet touch the warm sand along the waves on the sunny coast where the sea air and the warm and bewitching scents of your delicately salted skin mingle.
The sunny accords this chilly weather will prolong the summer heat.

The candle is accompanied by a personalized lounge-style playlist mixing modern and ancient music, inviting you into its universe.


All the candles are available online


The candles are available at retail outlets on the French Rivera


CONCEPTSTOREMDBOX: 29, avenue Maréchal Leclerc – 06310 Beaulieu-sur-Mer


MADISON AVENUE : Centre commercial Polygone Riviera, 119 Av. des Alpes – 06800 Cagnes-sur-Mer, France


AMBRÉA INSTITUT : 50 Bd Sadi Carnot – 06110 Le Cannet, France


CZARINA : Emilie Palace. 3, Avenue Princesse Grace – 98000 Monaco

CZARINA : One Monte-Carlo, Place du Casino – 98000 Monaco

KOMO MONACO CONCEPT STORE : 18 Rue de Millo, 98000 Monaco


MAISON TALITA : Place de la Gare du Sud, 8 Allée Charles Pasqua, 06000 Nice, France


KOMO LAB : Centre Commercial Cap 3000, 317 Av. Eugène Donadeï – 06700 Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France

The second brand we have selected is the 1st range of treatments, 100% rechargeable, natural and french. For you to pamper yourself and your skin for those chilly nights.

The brand La creme libre stands for the following we call them the 6 royal R.


RETHINK: They rethink by separating the care from its jar, therefore the possibility to buy only the jar with its products.

REFUSE: They offer 100% natural products, whereas the vast majority of brands offer 99% natural products.

REDUCE: With their refill system, and optimization of the size of their packaging, they reduce single waste by 90%.

RELOCATE: All manufacturing and packaging are 100% french.

REUSABLE: Most of the packaging is reusable, cosmetic jar so that it can be reused and never thrown away.

RECYCLE: Their packaging is mono material to facilitate its handling by recycling channels and it is 100% recyclable.

And that is the value and the message of the La Creme Libre brand we had the chance to use their star product.


It is a rolling oil, the dry oil intensely nourishes the skin of the face, body, and hair without leaving a greasy or sticky finish.

It improves the elasticity of the skin and prevents the diminished appearance of stretch marks.

All La Creme Libre products rid your skin of harmful ingredients, your bathroom of unnecessary products, and the planet of excess waste!!!!


You can order your products online now.


We love this brand because of its engagement and the quality of the products, so a must-have for this cold season