With the school year starting,  The season is changing why not add that EXTRA extravagant, pieces of jewellery to your closet. Make the statement you want to make for the new Season. Lets say “FINE” Jewellery has never look so GOOD!!!!




About the designer Haniel Moller: She has a heart that beats for design, and after years of working with fashion and in marketing, the opportunity finally came to follow her dream and to create a fine jewellery line based on her style, making a woman feel, and stay the best.



About her jewellery: Her designs are elegant, classic with a quirky twist, focusing on the detail that is never conspicuously flashy, but still makes a statement. Quality is never compromised – all jewels are designed and forged in Copenhagen, made with precious gemstones and 18-karat solid gold.




Haniel Jewelry cultivates fine craftsmanship, sustainability, and ethical materials, creating in compliance with the celebrated Scandinavian standards. Haniel Jewelry is a brand-driven with passion.



Inspiration is never forced, but found near, far and wide: from the old Copenhagen streets – to the Berlin markets and musty old shops where peculiar gismos and thingamabobs inspire the detail that makes the jewellery stand out and lights a creative spark for new makings.



Haniel Jewelry offers customized Wedding rings & engagement rings. Handmade with GIA certified diamonds.
Order online at
Instagram: @hanieljewelry





About the designer Giedre Duoble : Giedre, being an urban minimalist with a taste for luxury, prefers to work with highest-quality materials like gold and precious stones.


Her creations are undoubtedly minimalistic with a subtle twist – she likes to take a traditional design and make it more intriguing; she has also collaborated with other artists from different fields.


Giedre prefers to say that her inspiration comes from all the love stories that she gets to hear and the urban environment that she never stops to explore.


Giedre creates just like she lives day-by-day – treasuring every moment and making memories last.


About the Jewellery: 57 EDGES is fine jewellery made by hand. It is the intention of the woman who appreciates modern design and subtle luxury.


57 EDGES talks about eternal values and durability. About what’s less is more.


57 EDGES work become an integral part of your own. Irreplaceable as your signature. It is a silent luxury which actual value is your secret.


57 EDGES means brilliant cut. It is a diamond with the perfect amount of 57 facets.


All 57 EDGES works are made from precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones.




Giedre Customised jewellery can be shopped online:
Instagram: @57edges



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